On July 17, 1975 the early seeds of 'glasnost' were sewn with the historic docking in space between an American Apollo capsule and a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft. This startling example of cooperation in space by the world's superpowers, in a contentious cold war period, captured the imagination of men and women everywhere. This print commemorates that event and the optimism it generated. Featured are the true signatures of four of the five men who participated.

This print and its companion 'Mercury 7' were published in 1988 to inaugurate and finance the Mercury Seven Foundation, a non-profit national scholarship fund, formed to benefit promising students in science and technology. The print features the actual signatures of mission commander, Tom Stafford and original Mercury 7 astronaut Deke Slayton (d. 1993). With this flight, Slayton finally overcame the health issues which until July, 1975 had kept him "grounded".

Also featured is the Soviet Union's most famous cosmonaut and mission commander, Alexei Leonov (the first human to walk in space, 1963) and his crewman, Valeri Kubasov, who flew on the Soyuz 6 mission in 1969. (Astronaut Vance Brand is the 'missing' signature on this lithograph. Often a space related First Day Cover signed by Brand satisfies the need for signatures of the complete U.S. crew. We have some available.)

Edition Size: 1500

Image Size: 25"x35"

Print only: $429

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